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About the European Corporate Governance Institute

ECGI developed around a comparative multi-country project that was to study the ownership and control of listed companies in Europe.

Following this, the researchers, on behalf of the European Association of Securities Dealers (EASD) developed a pan-European corporate governance code that could be adopted by companies from any jurisdiction.

Their work also informed the OECD's first corporate governance principles and provided the groundwork for a comparison of corporate governance codes project for the European Commission.

Another notable research project was ECGI’s contribution to the European Commission commissioned study on one-share-one-vote. The study had four well defined parts:

  • An institutional investor survey
  • some data collection
  • a legal survey and a survey of the academic literature.

The academic surveys contributed significantly to the European Commission’s decision to refrain from regulatory intervention in the control of listed companies in Europe. The arguments and evidence presented were fully accepted.

As ECGI evolved and the network expanded, a more formal constituted structure was put in place with the support of ECGRF.

Since then, Research Members worldwide have been regularly appointed to the Institute and have independently engaged in countless projects with policymakers, practitioners and others. ECGI makes it possible to identify the leading scholars on corporate governance and stewardship globally.


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from more than 118 countries


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