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You can support the people, ideas and initiatives that will create global change. 

Together, we can continue to understand, gather evidence, develop real world solutions and shape a better world. 

But we need your support to make it happen, future generations are depending on us. 


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Philanthropic giving is not the only way to support ECGRF’s mission.


Sponsor the ECGI Blog,
Working Paper Series and prizes, podcast, webinars, programs and other initiatives directly with ECGI. Sponsorship will provide the corporate partner with
• Visibility: a unique platform to reach and interact with ECGI’s highly engaged membership and subscriber base.
• Reputation: a valuable association with the
ECGI that ensures positive reputational benefits and the opportunity to lead from the front.

Event partner

ECGI engages with its members and partners through high level events around the world. These take the form of highly successful academic conferences, business leader roundtables, and practitioner-academic events. The aim of these events is to encourage discussion and debate across geographic, industry and disciplinary boundaries. Make sure your company or organisation has a seat at the table.

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Join today and become part of the leading global research network that pursues advanced, innovative research with global, measurable impact. Share new research, debate and develop critical ideas, and connect with the leading thinkers, academics, experts and practitioners. 

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